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This course shares Singapores experiences in disaster risk reduction and the government approach in formulating adaptation measures and building resilience in the community. The focus would not be just on theory but also on institutional development and capacity building to implement plans. The course would also cover Singapores policies and implementation systems in sustainable urban planning and development. Participants will also learn about the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk
Reduction 2015-2030 and possible applications to their State's existing plans.

Applicants should be:

- Mid to senior level government officials and professionals who are involved in
disaster risk reduction policy making and/or national emergency planning and
management, and can include officials from planning and finance/budget office.

- Nominated by their respective Governments

- Proficient in spoken and written English

- In good health and medically fit to attend the course.

For more information see the attached document.


Martes, 12 Mayo, 2015